BTF 2019 Saturday (First Block)

By Bechdel Test Fest (other events)

Saturday, March 9 2019 6:30 PM 8:30 PM

BTF 2019 Saturday Night headliner HoneyTree EvilEye

One of Philadelphia's most prolific burlesque performers and producers for nearly a decade, HoneyTree EvilEye is renowned for her mixture of politics, sultry performance and silly nonsense.
Proving that you don't have to choose between being sexy and being competent, HoneyTree EvilEye co-created the series Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both, which combines lighting talks and burlesque. The show has been wildly popular in Philly for a year and is now touring the East Coast. For BTF2019, she'll give a one-woman version of the show: a 5 minute TEDx style talk, followed by a burlesque act.

Showcase Acts: (in alphabetical order)

Host: LaTice Klapa 

  • Elizabeth Norman - Stand up 
  • Juliet Hope Wayne - Storytelling
  • Kelly Dunham - Stand up 
  • Lauren Faber - Stand up 
  • Mariel Farhi - Stand up 
  • Marlenas - Stand up 
  • Nicole Phoenix - Stand up 
  • Sarah & Kathryn - Musical comedy
  • TaTa Sherise - Stand up